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Here we begin our journey through Jason Mraz‘s most recent album, Love is a Four Letter Word, and follow him through his recent tour of Europe, ending in London, as he travels back across the pond to play at Madison Square Garden with other artists in his final show in 2012.

Jason Mraz is touring across Europe and playing shows everywhere, this was his first full-scale world tour and this was just part of it. Dubbed “Tour Is A Four Letter Word” as a spin off of the album title that was most recently released. The simplicity and cleverness of the title ties in with Mraz’s outlook on life portrayed through his upbeat, carefree music: to live simply and be happy.

Tour Poster

Just to give an idea of the cities and countries he played in, you can view my simple map of Europe and follow the path from one city to the next. He starts off in Paris, France, and ends his trip around parts of Europe in London, England before he returns to America, in New York City.

European Tour Directions

To keep a documentary of the places he had been and the beautiful, magnificent things he had seen, he created a Pinterest account specifically for this tour that showcases everything he did and everything he saw. From boards labeled “London Calling” to “New York, New York,” he pins pictures of places he visited while on his tour and what inspired him for the album and for this tour.

Jason Mraz Pinterest

Arriving back in New York City in Madison Square Garden, he performed his final concert in America of 2012 along with several other artists. On his plane ride back to the continental U.S., he created a new song that combined different parts of some of his songs from his new album. He had a little fun with it and even made sure that the song had rhythm and flow and the lyrics made sense all together in one piece. He enjoyed listening to this because it played some of his favorite parts of his songs in just one place!

Finally, for personal and documentary purposes, he created a video that combined his experiences that he had over the last few weeks. This video combined live video from his European shows, interviews with various reporters, and music videos from songs from this album. He really enjoyed making this because it wrapped up the past few weeks for him and gave him an easy way to look back and enjoy the memories created and all the good times had.

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