Youtube it Your Way! Tutorial

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To begin this assignment first go on Youtube and choose the video page that you want to alter. Next go to this webpage and follow the directions on how to add and use X-ray Goggles on your computer. (This is the tool that will help you alter the webpage):

X-Ray Goggles

After completing this go back to the Youtube page and begin editing the page to confuse viewers. In my example I changed the name of the video, its description, and the comments. I left the rest of the page the same so that viewers would be confused on about what they were actually looking at.

After you have completed this, open a new browser and pull up the original webpage with the unaltered Youtube video.Next open another new browser and look online for a tool to use to take a screen shot of your two webpages. I use Google Chrome, so the tool that I used is called Webpage Screenshot.
Here is the link to the webpage I got it from:


Once you have found one install it so that it is saved as a tool in your preferred Web Browser. Take a screenshot of each webpage and save both images to your computer and upload both of the images to Flickr.Make sure you take a screenshot of the whole page for each of your photos!

Viola and you are done!

Here is the link to my example of this assignment:


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