ds106 Show: Week 1 Episode

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This was the launch of the show, not everything quite worked technology wise (see below), but the participation, discussion, idas from new students was fantastic. I had thought I could push out YouTube videos for everyone to see in Google Hangout, but it seems to require viewers to install the app, and I thought the video would be part of the archive.


But here is the episode, with some editing in Youtube, that combines the clip with the Google Hangout archive.

It was a highlight to have 4 new students show up (as this was not required), and have former students Daniel Zimmerman and Haley Campbell there to show what “#4life” means by sharing their advice and insights into the class.

What was even better was Nancy’s idea to create a subreddit for class, and later we found that one already existed – http://www.reddit.com/r/ds106. Look for that to be added to part of the ds106 web site, and I am excited to see how the students and others can use it as a sharing/sorting place for web sites related to the work we do.

She also auggested we try some way to get a tweet from or mayeb build a storybuilding activity around Chris Hadfield, the Canadian astronaut who has been posting photos and tweeting from space.

This is the best of ds106, when it evolves with ideas from its students and participants.

I had wanted Tim Owens to come on as a guest to talk about and answer questions about the use of UMW Domains. He had to be in another class, but I recorded an earlier field interview with Tim:

Okay, a little wobbly, but a great first show. Tune in next Tuesday for more… by then I will have the kinks on the archving worked out. Maybe.


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