20 things you can do with a Banana

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  1. slice it 
  2. dice it 
  3. eat it 
  4. peel it 
  5. throw it away 
  6. recycle it 
  7. make pudding 
  8. slip on it 
  9. use it for art 
  10. make kitchen decorations out of it 
  11. make it the eyebrows in a picture 
  12. use as a pseudo microphone
  13. use it in sports games
  14. give it a name
  15. make it your best friend for ever
  16. make a boomerang out of it
  17. use it to switch places with a baby  
  18. pretend its your teacher
  19. use it in ice cream to make a banana split 
  20. plant it (to grow a tree)

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