The Machine Is Us/ing Us – Response

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In five short minutes Dr. Wesch set out to create a video to visually show and tell the shift of technology from web 1.0 to 2.0. In a delightful play on words he titles this video “the machine is us/ing us.” If you read the machine is using us, then you are incorrect. It should read the machine is us using us.  It is the linking of people. “People sharing, trading and collaborating”

Written text has is limitation but on the web it can be so much more. Hypertext makes writing more flexible. One can upload or view photos and videos and/or find data with a single click of a button. Font sizes and choices can be used to convey a new message. Bolding places emphasis, underlining draws attention, while italics  makes the reader wonder. Our perceptions are used to expand the possibilities of words.  We can create a world the is entirely for us, but up to the reader to translate and relate.

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