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My photo story is based off of two previous Daily Create photo assignments.

photo story 1

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Sparky was a yellow lab who was very friendly. Most dogs didn’t like cats, but Sparky loved cats! He was friends with just about everyone and every animal. Sparky also loved going “bye-bye”. It doesn’t matter where the final destination was, he just loved going. He felt the wind in his hair and got a chance to get out of the house. One day, his family took him on a trip that lasted a long time. They went to the beach. Sparky had no idea they would be gone so long. He was going to throw a party for his friend Dots the night that he left town. He was afraid that Dots was going to be mad that he was not home. But Dots wasn’t mad, she wasn’t even disappointed. She knew that Sparky had no control over where and how long he was going to be gone. Actually, that night, Dots still got to raise the ruff roof.

photo story 2

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