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The syncher, not the song discusses the origin of one of the world’s biggest musical mistakes and YouTube’s biggest hits, The Numa Numa Song. This catchy American techno hit originated as a single from a Moldovan-Romanian boy band. Travelling viral from culture to culture it was misinterpreted before finally makings its way to America with a completely different meaning.

This article also highlights one of the catch 22’s of the web 2.0 generation for artist. Information is readily available to be shared, tweeted, and YouTubed. This allows information to travel from one side of the world to the other. With any repeated. Second, with constant translation your work could potentially lose its meaning. What you and your industry in Madagascar thought was a mind provoking song about the dangers of love, could mean nothing more than an American internet joke about a guy crying and using the song to reference his love for Brittany Spears when she went a little nuts. But, in this line of work isn’t all fame good fame? Nevertheless, the Internet has been a place where anything can get its claim to fame.

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