Drake Meets Inception

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First Video Presentation!

In this video I wanted to create a movie video for one of my favorite drake songs. After completing my first video I was excited!

I started off by finally downloading firefox on my computer and then the correct plugins necessary. From there I took to google to find the perfect movie where a person is walking alone. I was told about twilight but bella is too plain for drake, so I knew I had to keep looking. From there, I remembered the movie inception. youtube was my next place to go. However, I had a hard time trying to word what I was looking for. Not sure the exact search but I found the movie clip.

The next day I started playing around with Imovie. It was A LOT  easier than I believed. I was able to clip, trip, and connect my clips like a pro. I’m going to be honest, I thought I was some amazing internationally known editor for a hot second. Now all I needed to do next was get my music.

Music… sigh. This part got complicated. I wanted to remove the movie audio, but how? I clicked every button on the screen and still nothing. It wasn’t until I did the old faithful right click and found what I was looking for. From there I added my drake song and thought I was done. NOT! My audio wasn’t aligning up with the story. So i took to garage band, because I’ve seen Courtnee do nice stuff on there freshman year. However, I wasn’t so lucky. I couldn’t figure out how to do anything on there. NOTHING. Not even google could help me.

Shortly after, I tweeted my feelings about how unsuccessful I was with the audio. The professor responded about audacity. I open audacity and gave it a try. With a quick Copy, Paste, and Delete I managed to get my song perfect. Uploaded it to Imovie and my masterpiece was complete.

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