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If you thought DS 106 was a cool class, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! We have our own radio show! I know, it’s cool. I follow the radio show on twitter {@ds106radio} and you should too! There are posts about what is streaming and it keeps you up to date! Also, the radio show archives the shows each week – which is very cool for people who have class during the live show!

It was very neat to listen to this week’s radio show (this was my first radio show that I have listened to this semester. I knew the co-hosts from reading over their blogs {and Amber is in my comment group} and by following them on twitter, but I actually got to put a voice to the name – which is always interesting. When I first heard ‘talk radio’, I was dreading listening at first because my grandfather listens to a lot of talk radio and it’s boring!! But it was nothing like what I thought! I actually enjoyed listening to the show because it was very laid back and conversational. This made my fear of audio lessen just a little bit. At first, the radio status page wasn’t working but then in came superman!


There were 8 listeners on the DS radio at the same time I was. I bet more people tuned in when it was live, but unfortunately I had to work during the show. My favorite thing about the radio show was about how an interruption, small like text message sound or big like a cough, can take the listener out of the story and ruin it, Daniel said this. He is a former DS 106-er who “guest-starred” on the radio show. Another one of my favorite parts was when Amber had a fire drill and Professor Levine said “that was a cool sound effect”. I really laughed out loud. There’s is nothing more real and live like the DS 106 Radio!! Listening to this show made me excited for when I co-host the radio show. I’ll give you guys plenty of notice before I co-host so everyone can tune in :)

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