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When I saw the splash of color assignment, I knew that I had to do it!! I actually saw some pictures online one time that had a splash of color in a black and white picture and LOVED them. It was before my DS days so I didn’t understand how they did it. Well one day, I will be as good as those people.

I downloaded the Color Effects app on my iPhone. This made doing this particular assignment very fun and easy to do. The only annoying part is that I had to be really careful not to go outside of the lines because you color with your finger. This was my first picture:

Splash 1This was when the fire alarm went off during my Tuesday night class and the firemen came. It was all I could do not to take pictures for this class – I knew I would catch something good. I wasn’t happy with the splash on this picture because it looks weird. So I kept doing them:

Splash 2

This picture {of my boyfriend’s nephew} is taken from above – I was trying to experiment with the perspective of the picture. I chose to splash his eyes because he has the most beautiful color blue eyes ever! Isn’t he just the cutest???

Splash 3I think everyone knows why I chose to splash these colors — THE RAVENS won the Superbowl!!!! Wahoo! I was rooting for them because I wanted Michael Oher to win a Superbowl!

I loved doing this assignment and it was pretty easy to do. Now, I find myself looking at things like “what could I color splash with this?” :) You could say DS has officially changed my life!!

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