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Going off of the title of my website, confessions of a future Disney princess, I guess confessions had to come along somewhere. I’m not really sure why, but this 1 star visual assignment really interested me. The assignment calls for creating a post it note that tells a “secret” of some sort or something that’s more like an aspiration. This is where I decided to go against the norm. Take a picture of just a post-it seemed a little bit boring to me (which is probably why this is just one star), but I decided to take a more digital approach to this task. I got an iPad mini for Christmas and I absolutely adore it, it’s totally my sidekick throughout this story. and one of my favorite apps is the abcNotes app which allows me to post sticky notes of things to remind me to do in a more artistic way. The best part? It even will take a screenshot for you! So naturally I made my goals and dreams in different post its on the page and selected a background that I really liked and took a screenshot and uploaded it to flickr. I was really happy with the result, so here are my confessions of what I want to do, simply click to see a larger view.

Post "Secret"

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