A-Z Photo Collage

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This 3 star assignment, A-Z photo collage, was SO fun yet SO challenging to do! The goal was the create a collage of themed pictures in alphabetical order. I wanted to do this assignment because I wanted a challenge. Anyone can take a picture of something or photo shop, but this one needed time, and a lot of creative thought {and since it was visual week, I thought what the heck!}


The theme I chose was education. I am an aspiring teacher {and will soon be finishing up – wahoo!} and I thought that it would be an appropriate theme to do for this assignment. It was a little tricky at times {the letter X}, but I think you can tell what the picture is and why I chose for it to be in my education themed collage. If you don’t, just ask :)

a-z collage final

I got the pictures off of Google and I copy and pasted them into a collage. I love picture collages but I’ve never made them on the computer, just in scrapbooks and on my cork boards.



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