TDC week 5

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Happy visual week!!! I’m in love with taking pictures {and not just because this week contains Valentine’s Day!} so these daily creates were so fun for me!

dc 5-1

DC 400 – take a picture of someone other than you using your favorite type of technology. My brother helped me out with this one – he was playing his iPod. I was lying on the carpet when I took this picture so I was testing out how to show a new perspective. You can be the judge of how well I did.

dc 5-2

DC 401 – draw a picture of a place you’ve been, but NEVER want to go back. Yep, it’s Qdoba. I love Mexican food – which is why I thought I would like this place. Pretty sure I got food poisoning from it…so {sorry for all the DSers that love it} never. going. back. EVER.

dc 5-3

DC 402 – take a picture of something brand new. This daily create was submitted by my new Radio Group Member, Brittany. She is kind of a big deal. Anyways, I just got this new frog {my mom and I collect frogs :)} and he reminds me every day that summer is getting closer! Doesn’t he look like he is on the beach just relaxing?? Jealous! I tried to get pickier while taking this picture {along with all of the others we had to take this week}. This guy is actually on top of my couch against the wall because I didn’t want anything to distracting by him. I thought that would mess up his simplicity and “beach-like” pose! :)

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