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For my audio performance I wanted to be able to complete a personal goal of mine. I wanted to make a DJ mix or something similar to girl talk. For me, I knew this was an ambitious idea. First I didn’t have the software and didn’t know what songs to use. I went online to find some software and got no where. It wasn’t until I contacted one of my music junky friends where to get the right equipment.

I eventually arrived to the program Virtual DJ. This program is pretty COOL. It took me almost a week to figure out how to use the program. In the mist of this, I found two songs I wanted to mesh up. I got my songs ideas, after thinking back to my ideas of the radio. I asked myself, what stands out the most to me? I remembered that 702, I still love you creates a feeling of peace and excitement for me. Its so light hearted, fun, and lovely. But, I wondered what other songs helps me achieve these similar feelings. That’s when I heard Come Close on my pandora station. I forgot how much I loved this song…. Oh, and how I wished I could be the girl who the song was meant for.

Now it was time to mix, I Placed I Still Love you by 702 in deck A and Come Close by Common in deck B. Synced up the two songs so their tempos matched. Turned down the bass on Come Close and looped the beginning of I Still Love You until the end of the chorus.This loop took forever, and was probably a one time, I got lucky situation. Next, I Faded I Still Love You in after the chorus and turned down Come Close. I was finally done.

By the end of the project I realize, that I’m not into this DJ life. I rather just embrace the music not create it. Nevertheless it was “Fun”.

The mix is below, Enjoy


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