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The Aliens are Coming! (Daily Create Story)

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They’re coming soon… I’ve spent my whole life studying their existence, discovering their whereabouts, and preparing for the invasion. The aliens are coming.

This week, I disscussed some of my evidence with the general public, starting with this public service announcement, discovering that they have always been the causes of forest fires. In relation to this PSA, I brought in actual evidence that proved that they were on their way! Please refer to the license plate image below.

Licence plate that made me look twice

I warned that the presence of license plates that read “Phyer” were clear warnings that their impending onslaught was arriving and the end would be nigh! HOWEVER! There is a chance that the human race can save itself! When the invaders arrive in their massive silver saucer, they will ask us why they should spare our planet from any further harm. Only a select few on the whole planet, including me, will know this answer; “The Earth deserves life, because life gives the Earth meaning.” The chances that the invaders will come across an individual that knows this coded answer is very slim, to the point where the Earth only has a 3% chance of survival.

I havent given up yet. After this discovery, I started analyzing where their ship would land. I came up with a grassy hill at park known as Chimborazo in Richmond,VA. This site is a historical one; created in 1874 and known for one of the world’s largest military hospitals.┬áThe only flaw with my studies is that I have no idea when these creatures will arrive…


So now I sit here waiting. I don’t know for how long, but if it’s to save billions and billions of lives, time is not a factor.

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