Weekly Summary 9

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This week sucked.  I got a concussion early in the week so I haven’t had much brain power (still don’t) and I ended up doing all of this today (been working since 8 and its 11 now).  I got everything done, maybe not done well, but I did it as well as I could.  Although nothing was very challenging this week, it did take a while to get Hackasaurus figured out and the whole linking of the daily creates was just a pain in the butt and involved more thinking than I’m capable of right now.  I don’t really have much more to say aside from that I’m really sick of those damn radio shows.  Group projects are the worst.

Here’s the links to all the stuff.

Daily Creates

Web Assignment 1

Web Assignment 2

Storytelling within the web

My Alter Ego

Discarded Files (don’t have many)

Assessment of my own radio show

assessment of digital dynamite radio show

Also most of those web assignments were really the same thing.

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