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Exploring Pulp Fiction Even More! (Facts and Montage)

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As a continuation of the last Pulp Fiction post, here are 3 interesting facts about the movie. Later I have a montage demonstrating these facts.

Fact 1: “Pulp Fiction is most known for its nonlinear storyline.”

What this means is that the sequences within the story are out of chronological order, but are still connected to one another. Tarantino has some element of this in a number of his movies, such as Reservoir Dogs and Kill Bill. He connects the “chapters” of his stories by introducing placards in between scenes explaining what the new segment is called. This unique style of storytelling, among other things, helped Pulp Fiction gain 7 Oscar nominations in the 90′s and later influenced other nonlinear styled movies.

Fact 2: “Tarantino wanted Travolta to reclaim the charisma he had flashed onscreen in “Saturday Night Fever” and “Grease”.”

Tarantino knew that the audience would’ve loved to see the “Saturday Night Fever” and “Grease” star hop back onto the dance floor. He’d originally told Travolta to do the twist in his scene with Uma Thurman.

Fact 3: The F-word was said 265 times in the whole movie.

If there were an Oscar for “Most Potty Mouthed” I think this movie would be easily nominated. According the the Wiki article above, 265 instances of the word being said in the 154min film is equal to someone saying it 1.72 times per minute. Holy f**k!!

7 Tropes that Show How Pulp Fiction is a Crime-Thriller-Comedy Film

1. Gorn: “The movie shows gore and blood, not to frighten or upset, but to excite and thrill.” (This is basically the whole movie.)
2. Running Gag: “A joke that is only mildly funny the first time, but becomes funnier each time it is repeated.” (Whenever Vincent goes to the bathroom, something bad is always happening when he comes out.)
3. Enemy Eats Your Lunch: “Take their food. It’s a step beyond just invading personal space, and it shows who the alpha dog is.” (Jules takes the guy’s burger and drink at the beginning to show who’s in charge now.)
4. Dropped a Bridge on Him: “a character is permanently written out of a show, especially killed off, in a way that is unexpectedly anti-climactic or mundane.” (Vincent is show instantly when he comes out of the bathroom, not even having a chance to respond.
5. Groin Attack: “seeing someone get struck in the crotch is usually just plain funny.” (Marsellus shoots his rapist in the groin. POW!)
6. Hypocritical Humor: “A character accused of engaging in a certain behavior or activity denies it before being immediately depicted engaging in the very behavior.” (Jules tells Vincent not to use the Lord’s name in vain, yet he himself does it the ENTIRE movie)
7. Lethally Stupid: “This character accidentally causes a disaster because of a stupid idea” (Vincent acidentally shoots Marvin and splatters blood everywhere in the car. way to go…)

Basically whenever there is any sort of gore or bloodshed in this movie, it usually involves a humorous scenario, hence why I call this movie a Crime-Thriller-Comedy film. (The rest of the Pulp Fiction tropes can be found HERE. They’re really fun to read.)

Nooooow I shall present my montage, doing my best to show the 3 facts from earlier.

Here are the 3 videos I used to create the montage, hope you enjoyed it!
1.“Pulp Fiction Chronological”
2.“Pulp Fiction Dancing Scene”
3. “F**k Pulp Fiction”

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