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I enjoyed glancing at Eric Sena’s pseudo albums on his,  Albums Without Sound website. After clicking page, after page, after page, I finally came across my favorite album cover, Album 150. 

Geosphere – Young Enough To Know Everything



The aesthetic as well as the  perfect match between the album and band name is what made this particular album cover stand out to me. The colors are what first catch my eye. The use of the dramatic gray background that has an obre effects creates this sense of despair or mystery. The bright purple chair signifies youth and privilege. Focusing more on details, there are boxes on the ground and what appears to be a book. These items look as though they were used for but have now been tossed in the background instead. Were these movies she planned on watching with him, or the book she read as she stayed up all night waiting his arrival home? These are a few questions I wondered.

Next, your attention is drawn to the glass of wine. The wine is red; known for its thick and soft taste. Red wine also has the dramatic characteristics in movies and pictures due to this deep dark color and taste. It’s dramatic, dry, strong,  and sometimes leathery taste make it ideal when your world is upside down.

The main chracter, also is the center point for the light. A light which is dim yet bright enough to make only her stand out. She appears to Be in PJ’s and not looking at the camera. My guess would be she’s about to get up from the chair. But why? what she waiting there all night? Had she been warned that this could be her life? 

As you can see, I believe the theme of this song would be love or infidelity. The name geosphere also helps create this idea. Geosphere often used to refer to the densest parts of Earth, which consist mostly of rock and regolith. It is the foundation that holds the earth together. The geosphere of a relationship would either be trust or love. 

The title Young enough to know everything ties everything togetherI imagine the title to be a sarcastic comment. She believed she knew it all that all her answers were correct, yet, she’s wrong and now alone in a dark grey room. 


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