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I think that How to videos are a youtube exclusive thing (aside from gaming guides).  For example, I learned how to tie a bowtie on youtube.

There are many other examples of this concept, from how to get a six pack to how to love Lil’ Wayne.  Here’s a list of the top how to’s on youtube.

how to videos

I think that lots of the other genres listed aren’t really genres at all.  For example, strange and adorable children, is not a genre.  It is a group of people.  There are other sites that involve strange and adorable children and most of those people end up in jail.  Things like timelapses are also more of the documentary side of things.  Animation is a movie genre (animated films) so whoever wrote that must have been high.  Parodies are not exclusive to youtube, but I suppose visual ones were the original online videos because plays weren’t recorded (well maybe).  This list just feels very flawed to me.  Youtube doesn’t really have a genre.

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