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What a week! Reading that this week was what most DS106ers consider the most challenging week on DS106, made me a bit nervous. I did have a few moments of drama with deciding what to do and how to do it. But in the end, I felt like a survived, barely… I kid, I kid!

So what happened this week?

Video Editing Tools

Well I am familar with MPEG StreamClip, though it gave me some issues this week. And I have iMovie on my computer (MacBook Pro) and I’ve used it for a couple of other DS106 assignments and personal projects as well. One thing that I know I will need to learn about is how to add music to my videos, that I something that I have no idea how to do and is necessary for one of my web assignments next week.

Three Time Review

So I started off this assignment doing a completely different movie. But I ended up switching because the movie was just not something I could work with. So I decided to start all over and go with the Pursuit of Happyness. To read my Three Time Review on a particular clip from the movie, click here. Robert Ebert’s guide to analyzing movies was very helpful when view this clip.

Further Analysis and a “new” clip

Next we were to look for more details of the movie, in general. Then we were to take two more clips from the movie and create a little montage. Here is my post about the montage. You will see that I had some problems with MPEG Streamclip. But overall I am happy how the video turned out.

Youtube Genres

Here are millions of videos on Youtube and every video falls into some sort of genre. I added to the class list by creating a new genre that wasn’t listed already and adding to an already existing one. You can read about them both, here.

Video Assignments

This week we simply gathered all we needed to carry out two video assignments and we will be doing so next week. I am really excited about the two I chose and can’t wait to put them together. Read this post to check out all the details!

Daily Creates

This week we only had to complete two daily creates. I recreated a script for a classic scene in Finding Nemo and to a picture of something I wasn’t expecting to see coming out of the sand. Find out more here.

And all of this wraps up Week 10! Can’t believe this semester is almost over! Time is flying!

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