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Prepping The Video Assignments

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The two assignments I am choosing to do for next week’s work are the sports mashup assignment¬†and the play-by-play assignment.

Sports Mashup Assignment

For this assignment my plan is to make a compilation of some funny moments in sports from the past few years. Clips like this will be used, and I can hopefully find enough clips to create a 2-3 minute video. Unfortunately, it looks as though I am the first person to choose this assignment, so there is nothing for me to review!

Play-By-Play Assignment

The concept of this assignment is to, “Take any real life video and give us a play by play commentary on what we see. It can be a sports event, funny video or videogame gameplay.” I haven’t decided which video I will choose to work with yet. One previous work I looked at was from, who gave a voice to a lizard on a leash. I really liked her method of talking as if she was the animal, and it made for a funny clip. The second work I reviewed was from, who used a clip of a Redskins game to comment on. The clip was alright, however it wasn’t really anything out of the ordinary because play by play is standard for all football games.

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