Everybody’s Changing

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For the first video assignment, I chose Where Are They Now? {**}. During week 9, I planned this assignment out so all I had to do was create it! I based this assignment from the movie The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Here is the finished product:

I created this with Windows Movie Maker. I had never used this before, but it was very simple. You can click to uploaded pictures, audio, and even videos. You can even add the text to the picture right from this program. I downloaded the audio from YouTube and got the pictures from searching on Google. I uploaded it to YouTube through Windows Movie Maker.

I wanted to do this assignment because I hate how movies kind of just end and the directors don’t tell you what ever happened to the character(s) that you fell in love with. Some movies have sequels and some have triologies, quadrilogies, and so on. {I feel like if you don’t know what a movie sequence is called because the number is so high up, you shouldn’t make the movie.}

At first, I just google searched the actresses’ names. I tried to look for funny pictures maybe from the paparazzi. I found some good ones and even some that looked photoshopped. I wanted the pictures to be funny so that my update on the girls could be funny. After all, this class is based upon imagination and creativity. It would have been boring if I told the truth. I credited the website in which I found the photos on the credits section of my movie.

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