The Funeral

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For my next video assignment, I chose to create a Music Video {****}. For this assignment, I had to pick a couple of scenes from a movie and add a song that complements the scenes.

I chose the movie 127 Hours for my music video. If you have not seen this movie yet, go rent/get it right now. This movie is based off of a true story! It is incredible!!!!

I wanted to tell a story in my music video so I chose clips that, when put together, told the story by themself. The song would just add to the story. I followed the basic outline of the movie: he falls down a cliff, he tries to get water, he cuts his arm off {don’t worry, I didn’t include the gross parts}, he gets rescued. I converted the clips from YouTube into MP4 files via KeepVid.

The song I chose to complement these clips was The Funeral – Band of Horses {also my blog post song title}. This song reminds me of this movie everytime I hear it.

I opened up Windows Movie Maker and opened up all of the clips. I ordered and trimmed them in a way that told a story. I added a title page and credits before adding the song. I always make sure the audio clip is the last thing I add. If you don’t wait, and trim or clip something, the audio file will get messed up as well. It’s better to have everything perfected and then add the audio clip {in my opinion}.

Here is my finished product:

I chose to make all of the clips black and white because they had different color saturations and when I put them together, you could tell they were very separate. Since this is a music video, it is supposed to all flow. I also added smooth transitions to each video clip because I didn’t want it being too choppy. I am very proud with the way everything turned out. I didn’t even plan this, but sometimes the song and what is going on in the clip match up so perfectly. I think this is a powerful story by itself but adding this song made it even more powerful.

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