A day at the Beach

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The second assignment I planned out last week was the A Word…A Picture…A Story… You can read about my pre production plans here.

I was at the beach while I wrote up the assignment so I went with a beach themed story. I picked out pictures that I wanted to use and uploaded them to Flickr. However, when I put this story together I realized I needed some more pictures. So I went to Google Images and got a few more.

From there I uploaded them into iMovie and added a Title Screen and Credit Screen. I went with the “underwater” design to match the beach theme. I absolutely LOVE the beach and have since I was just a little girl. So my inspiration for this story was from my own experiences.


In the video the little girl builds sandcastles, boogie boards, catches sand crabs, gets ice cream from an ice cream truck, chases seagulls, and flies a kite. The day ends with a rainbow over the ocean, which I saw about 4 times this past summer. Life at the beach can’t be much better can it?

For the music, I wanted something instrumental so as not to be so overwhelming to the story, especially so people could concentrate on reading the words. I felt it was perfect to go with the song “Carolina Girl“. I good an instrumental part of the song and had to make it longer, so I tried to line the song up evenly. Unfortunately there’s a minor hiccup, but I don’t think it’s too noticeable. I worked on it for a while and it just didn’t happen. I also tried to make the end fade out a bit, but once again I had issues and I still feel like it ends a little too abrupt for my taste. I did all of the music work in Audacity and then added it into the video.

beach 2

beach 3

I’m really happy with how it turned out. I think it’s pretty adorable! Let me know what you think!

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