The Lion Sleeps Tonight

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Remember when I posted about creating foley sounds for the Charlie Chapman video? Well, one of our assignments for this two weeks of video was to do something with those sound clips. This is the Charlie Chapman Foley Artist assignment, and everyone had to do it. It did not count towards the sixteen stars of video we needed to complete.

I was so excited to start this! I just knew we were going to do something with those sound clips.

To start, I converted the Lion’s Cage video into an MP4 file through KeepVid. If you have noticed, I have used KeepVid with every video assignment. I don’t know what I would do without it!! I uploaded that video file into my Windows Movie Maker. I muted all of the sound in the video because I was going to get the sounds through SoundCloud using the tags that were designated for this assignment. Here are the clips I downloaded for my assignment:

:00-:30, :31-1:00, 1:01-1:30, 1:31-2:00, 2:01-2:302:31-2:55 – there were not any sound clips to fill this section, so I used this sound clip from to fill it :)

I downloaded all of those sound clips and inserted them into my Windows Movie Maker. It was a little hard to put all of the sound clips together. For some reason, they didn’t all match up the way they were supposed to. I think it was because I had a title screen so it made the time off a little. To fix this, I inserted the title into the video and deleted the title screen! This made the timing and the sounds work great!

One sound clip came up a little short (not sure which one) so in order to get all of the clips on time, I had to leave a little space (about two seconds) of no sound clip. I tried for about thirty minutes to work around this and that was the only thing I could do.

Here is a screen shot of my work:


And here is my video!:

This is what REALLY was going on:

A man named Kingsley had tickets to the circus and he was really excited to bring Charla, his hopefully soon-to-be girlfriend. He was waiting for Charla to arrive when he was being chased by the elephant who was protesting the show. The elephant did not want to perform any longer, he just wanted to live his life with no performances. The elephant was so mad that he started to chase Kingsley. Kingsley was running from the elephant when he bumped into the donkey. The donkey and the elephant were now chasing him! He tried running as fast as he could but he knew that wouldn’t work so he had to hide. He ran into a cage and he thought “that oughta fool them!” When he turned around, he noticed that he was in the lion’s cage. The king of the jungle. How could this be?? Atleast the lion was asleep. He tried being quiet and escaping but nothing worked. Eventually, a pup came that was in the circus. The pup was in the circus because he barked like a gorrilla. Everyone loved seeing this. The pup stopped barking when Charla showed up. Charla fainted because she is terrified of lions! When the lion woke up, Kingsley really thought he was a dead man. But, the lion did not eat him. The truth is, the lion was actually tired of performing for the circus too. But, Kingsley did not know that and he bolted out and tried to get as far away from the lion as possible. Charla and Kingsley went to see the circus after Charla coaxed Kingsley down from the pole. They started dating that day and got married eventually. The elephant and the lion performed at their wedding.


I liked that we created our own sounds for this assignment. I also liked that when we were creating this assignment, we could use any clip we wanted. Everyone’s video is going to sound a little different because the sound clips were all a little different, some more realistic than others. This class is SO talented and they all have the potential of becoming real Foley artists!

Blog post song title: The Lion Sleeps Tonight – from the Lion King

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