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For my last video assignment, I wanted to really challenge myself. I decided to do the Return to the Silent Era {*****} assignment.

Since we first heard about our final projects, I wanted to make my last video assignment so it could tie into my final project character. There was only one problem, I didn’t want to base my final project character off of one assignment. I wanted to base my assignments off my final project character.

I chose to do my silent movie trailer on the movie Now You See Me (2013). The reason I chose this movie trailer is because I am dying to go see this movie because of the trailer. Movie trailers are created so people will want to go see that movie. If a trailer is dull, it might deter people away from going to see it. This movie deals with magic and I thought it would be appropriate for this silent movie assignment because magic first appeared during an older time period.

I converted the trailer from YouTube into an MP4 file via KeepVid. I searched for music that I wanted to include in it on I downloaded this silent movie music clip and decided to repeat it over and over until I would play this haunting clip. I planned to play the haunting clip when the tension is rising in the trailer.

Here is a screen shot of my work of art:


I liked the idea of the cue cards when putting in some words to keep the viewer on the same page as the storyline. If there weren’t any cue cards, I think everyone’s creative minds would be going at the speed of sound!! I also thought the cue cards played an interesting role. Obviously in movie trailers, there is a lot of dialouge going on. Having cue cards for this assignment made me pick out what words were important enough to have their own cue card. I got my cue card image from Google and used the ‘Stencil’ font to make it look old.

Here is my silent movie trailer:

Blog post title: Magic – B.o.B (ft. Rivers Cuomo)

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