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I had a lot of fun with this assignment.  We had to make a short 5 second video that told a story.  I decided to make a little gag joke out of my 5 second video.

It took a long time to figure something kind of clever out.  I took my inspiration when I was watching The Chronicles of Narnia and they entered Narnia through the closet.  I thought it would be funny to do the same thing including the meeting of Mr Tumnas.  Which was most of the joke.

My shooting was just a video of me in the beginning asking if you heard that.  It sets up the rest of the video and since I don’t have much time with 5 seconds I had to jam in as much as I could quickly.  Then I immediately jumped into a shot of moving into the closet, seeming like it’s from my eyes.  Then, I took my moving closet outside and put the same two shirts on the rack to match the shot as much as I could.  And then I peeped out of the walkable closet to see one of my roommates standing there.  Here’s a picture of the shooting.

Making of the film

I put everything together in iMovie, which again was very simple.  The only editing I needed to do was cut off the unnecessary fat from the clips and adding the opening cut and credits at the end.  Here’s my workspace:

narnia screen

And here’s my final movie:

One thing I wish I could have changed was matching the screenshot of walking into the closet more.  I think putting an arm in or something could have done that, but I separated my shoulder last night so I don’t have use of my left arm right now.


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