Weekly Summary 11-12

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This week was a mixture of emotions.  It started off really fun, and then was indifferent, and now it’s a pain in my ass.  I did some things that I wanted to do, trashed some plans, made new ones, trashed those too, and just tried to figure stuff out.

My first assignment was the wise old man archetype post.  I got to learn a lot about how to use iMovie and drawing from multiple clips so this was nice and easy to start off the process. It was 3 stars

The second assignment was the Hitchcock Shot, which was tied with another for my favorite, being that I thought it was well done and I generally enjoyed putting it together.  Plus it came out the best.  Worth 4 stars.  I’m up to seven.

My other favorite assignment was the 5 second video, just because it was a lot of fun to do a quick gag joke and it turned out pretty good.  Wish I had had a better camera for it though.  This was 4.5 stars so now I’m up to 11.5.

Another assignment I did was the 30 second documentary.  This was good to get out the important bits of data or information and see what you could do with them visually because they kind of said try not to use sound.  Worth 4.5 stars and now I’m up to 16.

My last assignment was the listening to the radio with the tv on assignment, where I had to do some stuff… It’s explained just click on it.  This was apparently 4 stars but it was really easy to do, or maybe I just got lucky and found stuff quickly.  I don’t know.  Anyway that brings me to 20 stars.

Last thing I did that was a total pain in the ass was the Chaplin Remake.  You can hear all about how much I hated it here.

Unfortunately, due to several complications with memory on my iPhone (recording device) and lack of memory and use of an appendage, I was unable to complete my Costanza fast forward life assignment.  I have about half a day completed that I’ll put on here when it finalizes in my iMovie but it’s taking two hours to finalize and then I have to get it onto YouTube after that so I’ll just put it up later.

Oh and I got to host the show this week which was pretty cool even though nobody from the class joined in.  I also felt a bit out of the loop with some of the jokes going on but oh well.  Got some good advice for my videos and they paid off.  Except for the Chaplin one.

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