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My team at Nationals

A LOT of things have happened in the past week. So many exciting things have happened, not to mention that the semester is wrapping up along with my time here at U of M. The two most exciting things that happened were that my volleyball team went to Nationals, and UM basketball went to the NCAA finals. So after all the excitement drained me and I came back to reality, I was excited to learn that in this class we had moved into photography! Just like everything else we’ve studied so far, photography can also be whatever you want it to be and mean what you want it to, so I’m excited to convey that through all the daily photos and my final photo project! This week…

I made 7 daily shoots, some more fun than the others, and some definitely harder than others:

I read up on portraits and what they’re all about, considering I wasn’t really sure what qualifies as one. I figured before I take a portrait or a self portrait, I should probably be aware. Here’s what I learned about that.

I also watched the Masters of Photography documentary and enjoyed it. I loved looking at the pictures and listening to her take on photography and what it all means. Very interesting! Here’s my response to that.

I’m also working on my final photo essay as well as my group’s final project – gifs of the class.

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