I Wish I Talked Like a Man

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Yeah, you heard me. I wish that I had a great man voice. It would have really come in handy when it was time for making the five star vintage educational video assignment that I decided to take on this week. It was the planning that really helped to put this together, plus my friend Kylie helped out a lot as well. I decided that I wanted to do a math video, so I went with the Integration by Parts since I am a PASS leader at this school (meaning I attend a calc 2 class regularly and then hold study sessions 3 times a week for the students in the class). So I decided to make a video on what they are working on right now so that way I can maybe even show it to them! Who doesn’t love a multi purpose video :)

So to make this video I started writing out a script first and had my friend Kylie to help out, and even star in the role! I knew I wanted to have it in black and white and I was trying to keep a steady hand while filming, so I had it on a stand. I had filmed and put together a video for my volleyball team, so I knew that filming long clips but staying under a minute would be best because the online converters I used (which will be mentioned in the weekly summary) only allowed a certain size file. So I tried to keep everything easy to cut off in points while making the script.

I wanted to have interaction with the narrator and I wanted the narrator to be a guy, so I pulled out the best guy voice I had (which is pathetic to say the least) and started to talk. You can hear it for yourself now

It is pretty bad, right? So this was a frustrating video to make, but not at the same time. I had no idea what to do for the background music. I had a certain tune stuck in my head, and I never figured out where it was from. However, in my endeavors in finding the song, I found the Leave It To Beaver theme song, which was similar to what I had pictured. I wanted something obnoxiously happy because that’s how calculus should make everyone feel. Obnoxiously happy.

My favorite part of this was the LATE part, in which I made it on a PowerPoint and saved each slide as a JPEG to be inserted into my timeline as a picture. However, I did not have narration recorded for that part, so I had to go into Audacity and record my voice talking again and mesh it with the background music (which has to repeat about 2.5 times because it was too short). Once the sound manipulation was done, the rest was pretty easy! I had filmed it in order, which made it very easy for editing purposes.

I hope you learned something!!


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