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For remix/mashup week, we had to remix an already existing piece of media from a DS assignment and use a remix card to make it our own. To remix it. In order to do this, you have to click the remix it button on the website.

So when I generated the remixer, I got this new remixed assignment. My assignment was What’s the Meme and I got the remix card “DS 106-ersizing” which said “use this assignment to create an advertisement or recruiting tool for DS 106″.

I browsed through the submissiond for the What’s the Meme assignment. It was a little tricky. I thought a lot of people would want to do this visual assignment. Also, when I clicked on the links, the page was “not found” or the blog was “not found”. I had limited memes.

I did run across this meme that I just had to share. It’s hilarious! I didn’t want to use it for this remix assignment because it already had to deal with DS 106 and I wanted one that didn’t involve this class whatsoever. That’s when I came to the one I was going to use:


I felt that I could change this meme to advertise for DS 106…somehow. Like I said, I was very limited.

I started by opening GIMP. This is where I was going to erase the words “I farted hehe” and insert my DS 106 advertisement in the same color and font style that the original creator used. I wanted to make it funny because the boy’s face in the original picture was funny. I had to watch it because I was still trying to advertise for DS 106. So I had to make it funny, yet informational. Hmm…

I then thought back to what I learned, so far, and what was my favorite, so far. I already knew some things about photography and video. I instantly thought of GIFs. I had NO idea what a GIF even was before this class. Then I thought that this boy’s face looks like he loved making GIFs. Here is my remixed meme:


This assignment was a true remix assignment. Using an already existing piece of media and transforming it into something. Your own creation. This assignment made me realize that “remix” is kind of like the remixes you hear on the radio. DJs take songs and speed them up to give them a different beat. When you remix something, you come up with a different finished product/outcome. This is what makes it your own.

Blog post title: I Can Transform Ya – Chris Brown (ft. Lil Wayne)

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