A Royal Baby is on the Way

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As you may or may not know (and if you don’t know, all I ask is WHY?) there is a Royal Baby on the way! Yes, William and Kate are having a baby! Now I don’t know about you, but I was definitely one of those crazy’s up at 5am watching all the pre-coverage of the royal wedding. Oh and did I mention the wedding took place on Friday of my Sophomore Year Exam week, so I was studying while I watched it. Thankfully I was able to see Kate’s dress and the procession into Westminster before I had to head off to my exam.

But now the Royal couple is expecting a baby! Hooray! But no one knows anything about the gender, names, if there’s only one baby (of course we’ve got to have some twin rumors circulating), etc. Except there are reports that Kate may have slipped up last week, inferring that the baby is a girl, but until that is confirmed I thought it would be fun┬áto create a story about the Royal baby!

It took me a while to decide on how the story went, because we can’t have a “happily ever after” ending and I mean I’m doing a story on the British Royal family which is the quintessential family to have a happily ever after ending. But I think I’ve got something that will create and interesting ending… So here’s the plan:

  • I plan to tell this story from Kate’s perspective.
  • Once learning that she’s pregnant, Kate goes into full on baby planning mode.
  • She wants to keep things very private though because she and her family are ALWAYS in the spotlight.
  • Kate is beaming with exciting about the pregnancy, but Queen Elizabeth begins to tell Kate how the baby will be brought up and where the baby will attend school, etc.
  • All of these demands are starting to weigh down on Kate, she doesn’t want to make the Queen mad or William upset that she’s not listening to his grandmother, the Queen. But she wants to do what’s best for her baby.
  • Will Kate submit to the Queen’s demands and do as she says or will she forge her own way?

I don’t want to say much more because that give away the ending. But as you can see, Kate is at a crossroads on what to do. Here are the assignments that I’ve chosen to be incorporated into the story.


  • A-Z Photo Collage (3 stars)- I plan to make a collage of different baby names, a mix of boy and girl names.



  • One question (3 stars)- I will make a video of people’s guess for the gender (maybe the name, too) of the royal baby. **This is listed under Audio, but it said it could be made into a video as well.**

The rules were to have at least 4 assignments, a least 3 forms of media and 15-20 stars. I’ve got 4 different assignments, 5 total due to the repeat of one, 3 media forms and 18 stars! I don’t foresee myself changing anything from this list as I’m happy with the chooses I’ve made!

So this is my basic plan of attack on this final project! Let me know if there are things you like, don’t like or something that could improve my project! I’m excited to hear what you all think and get started!


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