My Final Character’s Story

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For my final project, I will be working on the character Mario, for several reasons.  First, Mario is my theme for my website.  Second, Mario is a very popular character and branches out to many different forms of adventures, be it sports, in space, or prescribing pills to people…

For his story, I will take Mario on an adventure through his first experiences at an electronic music festival.  Throughout Mario’s illustrious career he has conquered many a challenge, whether it be  Bowser or go-kart racing.  He has chosen to take a vacation from the home life with peach and Luigi and himself have decided to go to an electronic music festival in Miami, FL.  They chose electronic music because that is what they have been immersed in as all of their games have tonal electronic music as their background music.  Little do they know that the electronic music scene has changed a bit since the beginning of their coin grabbing career.  The festival is a 3 day long event with some of the worlds most prestigious DJs and artists.  However, Luigi and Mario think they are going to a normal festival where people sit on a lawn and listen to music while sipping on the casual alcoholic beverage.  Boy were they in for a surprise.  They will get to Miami and go into the festival on the first day and have their world flipped upside down.  Mario and Luigi will get lost and Luigi will take “mushrooms” given to him, however he thinks they will make him grow bigger not hallucinate.  The whole of this story will consist of Mario’s search for Luigi while in the middle of this awe inspiring scene of electronic dance music.  Peach will keep calling him to check up but won’t get through because Mario won’t be able to hear his phone through this chaotic scene.

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