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A couple weeks ago we were required to submit a few pieces of media that we had no used for a specific ds106 assignment. However, since this week is Remix week we were told to take these old media pieces and create a story out of them.

All the unused media was found at this website. Additionally, there is actually a Mashup assignment attached to this project, it’s called “Recycle the media.”

We had to use at least 5 pieces of media, and 2 different media forms (visual, audio, etc). All the pictures came from the website. Unfortunately all the audio files just said “loading” and wouldn’t play except for one which made crashing noises and did not fit with my story. So instead, I included a song that I had, “Brighter than the Sun” by Colbie Calliet.

Before I share the video, here is the story:

It’s a beautiful Spring Monday Morning and it’s time for Serena to get ready for class. She wake up and pours herself a big cup of coffee in her favorite coffee cup! Once the caffeine kicks in, it’s time to get dressed and decide which heels will match her outfit perfectly (God Bless her for walking around campus in those high heels!!). Serena has 5 minutes to get to class, good thing her dorm is right next to the building her class is in. Down the steps she goes, she can’t be late! Along the way, she sees all the gorgeous spring flowers in full bloom, it’s her favorite season. Oh there’s Chandler, the academic building that her business class is in. Serena made it to class with a minute to spare! Good thing this is the last week of classes, waking up for an 8am class is not an easy task.



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