I Put a Spell On You

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Ok. This post fits into a lot of categories. First of all, I created it. Secondly, I am using it for my final project. And lastly, I had to add the tags for it. Whoah! How cool is that??

The assignment is called Connected Clips. I rated this assignment as two stars. The assignment is simply to find related clips from your favorite show and put them together. I wanted to have a collection of clips that were related for my final project but there was no assignment like that so I just created one!

Here is my video:

This is the blackmail video that Libby is going to use with Sabrina. I know I haven’t gone into too much about my final project, so that will come later! {The due dates for the assignments we submitted is before our week alotted to work on our final project}. DON’T WORRY, you will read more about this later! I will add to this blog post!!! I don’t want to give too much away without introducing the characters first.

I got the clips from various episodes of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch from YouTube. I was specifically looking for clips of Sabrina doing magic in public places – where someone could easily see and blackmail her! I converted the clips to MP4 clips through KeepVid {which is an amazing site and a definite lifesaver!} I saved the clips and imported them into my Windows Movie Maker. I cut the clips using the trim tool because I only needed the little bit where she does the magic. Most of the clips were full episodes or half of an episode.

I uploaded my video to Vimeo and submitted the assignment! I will be excited and nervous to see if people like it. I hope they do!!! :)

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