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One of the required assignments of remix week was to remix an existing DS106 assignment. To do this, you had to use the Remix Generator. The Generator picks and assignment and a “Remix Card,” but the assignment isn’t fully remixed until you press the BIG Remix it button. The caveat to this remix assignment is that you have to use work from the original DS106 assignment as a starting point.

To be honest, I went through a bunch of assignments and remix cards until I found the remix I wanted to do. The generator created a remix of “Demotivate Yourself!” and a remix card of Subtle Switcheroo, creating this assignment. Making this assignment worth 5 stars!

With the Subtle switcheroo, you are to make a subtle change, or many changes to an imagine. The card gives the example of those pictures in magazines where one pictures has everything in it the the next picture has parts missing and you have to figure out what is missing.

So I went back to the original assignment and saw this Santa image from DS106er Emily R. Strong. I decided it would be perfect to use. I uploaded my image into GIMP and used the free style tool to take out the images I wanted to. (I completely forgot to screenshot my work, but I promise I did it in GIMP.) GIMP and I were never great friends so I then uploaded the image into Paint because it was pretty obvious (and probably still is) what things I cut out of my pictures, so I was trying to fix them up a bit better.

There are 7 missing/different pieces from the original. Can you guess what they are?

Remix Collage

Let me know your guesses below!

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