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We had to create two assignments for digital storytelling. I was really excited to do this! I could create an assignment and pick my favorite topic to create one in! Obviously, I picked visual! LOVE visual!!!!

My assignment is called Putting Disney into Focus. I gave this assignment a rating of two stars. In this assignment, you had to pick a famous object from a Disney movie and take a picture of it. Putting in focus meant making the color pop out or blurring the area around it. Being creative!!! Here is my picture:

I chose an apple from the Disney movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The apple symbolizes the queen’s jealousy for Snow White. The queen wanted to be prettier and nicer than Snow White so she wanted to get rid of her. I picked to put the apple into focus because it is a very important element in this story. Without the apple, the queen would have kept being jealous and…well…I don’t really know what would happen. That’s how important the apple is to this story.

A lot of Disney movies have one important element that if it didn’t exist in the story, there would be no story. For example: the glass slipper in Cinderella, the rose in Beauty and the Beast, the magic lamp in Aladdin – just to name a few! This is why I chose to create this assignment, I thought it would be fun for students to think about Disney movies and I thought that it would make students think about how certain elements are important and vital in a story.

I took a picture of an apple and used my ColorEffects app on my phone. With this app, I made the background black and white and the apple stayed green. This way, the apple was the main focus. I also used Instagram to blur the black and white background. So now only is the apple the only thing that has color to it, but it also is the only thing that is not blurry. I felt that by doing these two things, I was really putting the apple into focus. Of course my Instagram friends were wondering why I posted a picture of an apple…hehe whoops :)

Song blog post title: Whistle While You Work – Snow White

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