Sunspots on the Water

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Weeks after the Fandom Prince had presented the Fandom Princess with the Golden Eggs, they finally began to move. The Princess squealed in happiness as she sent for the Prince to come to her chambers on the morning that she heard the rustling of the eggs.

“William, look!” She said, pointing to the rustling eggs as the Prince ran in. Ghost barked as the Prince leaned forward to take a closer look.

Suddenly, the eggs tops flew up and off. Bright, yellow light emitted from the top and from the three golden eggs, a substance flew out. The substance flew around the room, bouncing off the walls, the bed, even rustling underneath the Princess’ bed. Finally, they found their way outside of the Princess’ window.

The Prince and Princess rushed over to the window to see where they had gone. From the window they had a clear view of the river out back behind Mercury. There was a bright glow coming from the water.

“Come on,” the Prince said, grabbing the Princess’ hand and running out of the chambers, Ghost close on their tails.

With the aid of the secret passages, they were out by the river in no time. They had to shield their eyes as they approached the water, the light coming off of it brighter than normal.

“Are they… sparkling?” the Princess asked as they finally got close enough.

Sitting on top of the water were three tiny little sunspots. They each had a face and were laughing harmonically with one another. As they laughed, the water swayed, causing the surface to shine with glitter. It was a bright sight, but one in which the Princess had never seen before.

“It’s a wonder they don’t, you know, fizzle out,” the Prince whispered to the Princess.

She giggled and reached for the Princes’ hand, watching as the sunspots danced on top of the water’s surface.

One of the assignments that I decided to do for this week’s Mash-Ups was the What Color Is Your World assignment. I really enjoyed working on this assignment because not only did I get to take pictures of things all around my apartment and in my everyday life, but I did it of my favorite color, blue! Oddly enough, it wasn’t until I did this assignment that I realized exactly how much blue I own and have! I mean, at first I was thinking about doing yellow, but I looked at my outfit in the mirror and saw that it was entirely blue.

So, I decided to stick with that.

My video was pretty easy to make, but what was hard was figuring out what song to play in the background for it. I knew that blue was a very sort of calm, collective, and dreamlike color. So I scoured through my music library for a good 20 minutes, marking songs that would be good for the background. Finally, I settled on “Paint the Silence” by South, a song I first heard on one of my favorite shows called The O.C.

Anywho, here’s the video and I hope you all enjoy the lovely hues of blue!

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