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Re-  To do over again

Mix- To combine ingredients

Okay, so that’s not Webster or anything, it’s just a general description of the two words.

URBAN Dictionary defines remix as:

1. remix
A song which is a modified or new version of an original.I prefer the old song to the new remix.
2. remix
Shit music produced by the talentless for the tasteless.The existence of remixes prove that you can always sell shit to the right people.
3. remix
To remix is to recombine an audio tracks to produce a new or modified audio recording. Remixing is mostly done in the rap and hip-hop category. There are 3 different ways to remix. One way is to just change the background beat, another way is to feature several new people in the song (with or without new vocals), and the last way is to take out and add in new vocals of the original song. All three methods may be used all at once.Itz tha remix! Dis izz dA muthafucken REEEE-miXXXXXXX!!!!
4. Remix
1.Expression used when someone wants or needs a better version of a really bad song.
2.When someone needs to relax, to chill, calm down
3.Expression used when someone wants or needs something better, or upgraded, or of a higher level (remix)1.”This Micheal Jackson song is awful…yo man i need the remix though…”
“yo man, i think you need the remix…”
3. “This computer is too slow…i need the remix…”
5. Remix
To dilute drugs so you can make more money off of less substance.Put the remix in the brick thats $20,000 profit
6. Remix
A modified version of the song used to suck out more money out of the fan base or wannabes.Tommy: Did you listen to X’s new remix?Alex: I don’t listen to remixes bro their for mindless drones.Tommy: Why is that?Alex: There just meant to make more money out of basically the same song; seems like a talentless effort for me.Tommy: roger that.

I’m pretty sure #1, #3, and #4 are appropriate for this class.  I could be wrong, but all indications are leading to video, sound, and design…not drugs (#5).  And i know I’m not gonna make money from this so #6 is out too.

#2 is debatable, but not here and now.


I closed my eyes and chose 3 remixes to begin with.

Buffy vs. R-Patz—erh Edward (Buffy will never NOT kick ass)

Scary Mary  (Mary Poppins at her best)

Obama Sings Call Me Maybe (Swoon)

Each click and I was more and more excited!  They just keep getting better.


Buffy vs. R-Patz—erh Edward

I mean who doesn’t want to see Edward get his ass kicked?  He is such a putz, and Buffy is such a beast, she is just the gal to do it.

Team Edward? Team Jacob?  Meet Team Buffy AKA team Beast Mode:

1team beast mode

It didn’t matter to me that her outfit was changing, hair was different, the lighting was way different.  It only mattered that what was going on made sense…as much as anything from Twilight can make sense.  The cuts were swift and short, and that made them more effective, layering some of the dialogue into the ‘other’ movie was really effective too.  I think That is what really sold it for me.


Scary Mary  

Mary Poppins was one of my favorite movies growing up!  In fact, it was the VERY FIRST VHS my family ever bought.

Yes, I am that old.  Moving on.

Seeing Mary in such a sinister, scary, creepy way was AWESOME.  There is something innately scary about someone THAT DAMN sweet.  You know she must be up to no good…and apparently, she was!

using clips from the movie that ARE actually supposed to instill fear, in combination with regular cheery Mary gave me the stomach churning feeling I usually reserve for CLOWNS.





Obama Sings Call Me Maybe

I had seen this one before, and was pleasantly pleased to watch it again…and again…and again…

I really think it’s a clever mash-up of pop culture.  I can almost see him hanging out with Sasha and Malia in the rose garden making up a dance routine to this.  What?  It could happen.


I’m sorry, but Obama singing anything doesn’t get old.




And now… one of my favorite REMIX’ers

The Gregory Brothers: Auto-tune the News

This is one of my all time favorites

This is true too.

An actual conversation happened about a turtle FENCE.  Okay, maybe it was about healthcare, but really.  watch if  you haven’t already.

Music + Autotune + news + politics = amazing remix of everyday events.


—–>  See what I did there?  I remixed a Chinese auto-tuned song, my voice, and the definitions found in the urban dictionary.


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