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To complete the 6 stars worth of mashup assignments from the ds106 assignment bank, I started with an assignment called Movie Trailer Mashup, worth 4 stars.  I saw someone do this when my ds106 adventure first started, so I’m glad I came across it again! There were a lot of possibilities I wanted to do, such as Avatar/Pocahontas and Curious George/King Kong, but the audio and video from each one just didn’t go well with the other. I decided to do Inception and the Matrix, since they sort of revolve around the same sort of idea–a dream world.

I found a Matrix Trailer on YouTube and an Inception Trailer, and downloaded them via KeepVid. I then opened MPEG Streamclip to convert the videos from mp4 to avi and opened them in Windows Movie Maker.  Finally, I muted the audio of the Matrix trailer and only snagged the audio from the Inception trailer, and put the two together!

4/6 stars.

After I was done, I decided to google the other possibilities I was originally thinking to see what someone else did. I found the following trailer mashups:


King Kong/Curious George


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