I used to like popcorn…

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This week, I had to remix a video using Mozilla Popcorn Maker.

This is the video I was working with.

This was not my favorite assignment…

I hated the interface for the editor. There are no clear directions on how to use it at all. The drag and place function stinks because it just doesn’t do what you want it to do. You can’t rotate your media which basically makes it impossible to do anything really interactive. I was disappointed, to be honest.

Nevertheless, I got through this.

1. Harlem Shake Video

I added Harlem Shake to the video because I find it funny. No, a student didn’t create it, but it would have been funny if one did.

2. Octopie — “It’s Time”

I just liked the song. Found it on the front of SoundCloud’s rock page.

3. War of the Worlds First Edition

As a bookish nerd, I figured a very valuable item found in a end table would be a first edition book. War of the Worlds seemed funny…

4. Passport

I was deliberately being obvious. I know we’re supposed to do something unexpected but I feel like no one else is going to put a passport in there… and well you need to one to travel.

5. Video from Australia during winter

Since he was bringing sunscreen, bathing suit, etc., I thought it would be funny to send him to Australia during the middle of winter.


Overall, I really disliked the Popcorn Maker. I probably should have just gone to a video editor that I know and work well with, but I did try to challenge myself with the Mozilla editor. And boy, did I.


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