No One Ignores Paul

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Apart of this week’s work was to make use of the recycled media that we submitted in week 9 named Recycle the Media! It seemed pretty cut and dry: take some old media, mash it up..However, if anything was that simple in DS106, then it wouldn’t be that much fun, now would it? Nahh. So we had to start off digging through about 170 pieces of recycled media through minus, which served as a host for all of our yummy leftovers. Man oh man do we create the randomest things in there! I even saw some of my own, which I would be rather impressed if someone managed to weave that into one of their stories! So anyways, I picked five pieces of media (two from different catergories, i.e., audio and visual!) and I put them into iMovie, that part was easy. The brain work that went behind it…Eh, not so much. See the tricky part was getting those pieces of media and constructing one story that actually made sense. But we’ve had plenty of practice learning how to do all sorts of things, so this was nothing! I used five images, and in the last one, I used a piece of media that was in the recycling bin. For the suspense background music in the beginning, I used freesound┬áto my full benefit!


The story:

Paul the pug has always been infamously jealous of everyone around him, and he hates not being the center of attention. One day, to punish Paul for eating all the treats in the house, Lindsey (the owner) decides to go the store to buy only the cat treats. However, the three cats (Mickey, Minnie, and Moe) were in for a surprise because Paul had enough. He decides that if Lindsey wants to get treats for the cats and not him…He’ll make his own!

Yes, my story was a little morbid. No, I have no regrets since it made me laugh for a good five minutes straight!

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