Dead Men Tell No Tales

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Jonathan Worth shared a collection of portrait photos he did of Cory Doctorow that we must use to remix, regenerate, and make our own.

I chose to base my remix on one of his book’s, Pirate Cinema.  The plot is centered around a sixteen year boy who loves making movies illegally.  Based in dystopian near-future Britain, this concept is extremely illegal and receives an exaggerated punishment.

To remix a photo of Cory Doctorow, I went with the theme of old-time pirates mixed with copyright.  I wanted him to represent the main character in the book, but exaggerated and with a new twist.  I know the title of the book has no connection with old-time pirates, but that was the first thing that popped into my head!  On his wrist is the copyright symbol that’s been cut through, as well as some scars that he may have received from escaping the authorities.  I did all of this using Picasa!

Here’s the photo before remixing from this site:

Original Cory

And the final product:

Cory Doctorow Pirate

He seems to have a hidden glint in his eye, which says he’s up to something but we’ll never find out what it is!



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