I’m a Barbie Girl, In a Foreign World

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Seriously, this title is perfect for the remix assignment that I ended up with. The original assignment was to photograph a Barbie partaking in 1 or more of the seven deadly sins (which is genius and I have no idea why I didn’t do that assignment earlier this semester) and the remix was to make it in another language.

I was super excited to look at the different original works, but ended up being very disappointed. Most of the websites were not there anymore, and the other ones really didn’t have much room to remix. However I came across a post where the user decided to remix the assignment already and have a troll rather than a Barbie, which I thought was hilarious. The troll was representing greed and had a lot of money around him, but he wanted more.

So I decided to make it foreign and from Europe, Spain specifically. I decided to use the clone tool in GIMP from a picture of Euros bundled up and to place it over the dollar bills that were hanging around. From there I continued to use the clone tool to erase the original text and I now had a clean slate. I decided to add some more text in to maintain the story line, and I got to whip out my Spanish skills once again (well, sort of).

Here was my final project:


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Princess Karissa

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