I’m Glad I’m Not The Only Disney Loving Freak

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It’s true, I thought when I was creating a theme for my blog for this class, I thought I would be known as that girl who wishes she was a princess (which is still completely accurate). However, I am really glad to see that there are so many other Disney loving people in the class, so much so that I had plenty of material to use for the ds106 recycled remix.

I decided to spice things up a little bit (since it is remix week after all) and wanted to present my information in a less generic way, using a prezi!

Hopefully the music should work (or else I won’t get full credit), but I decided to go with the Hercules riff off (which I ironically created) for the music. I mean after all, it is Disney and about a trip to Disney. The thing that called to me the most actually was the 0.0 icon. I have seen it before on cars and I think it is hysterical. Probably because I hate running more than anything (which is ironic since I was a d3 athlete for 4 years and I also ran track in high school). But anyway, the only time that I think I would ever want to run would be at the Disney Princess Marathon because you get to dress up like a Disney Princess and I would own that costume aspect so well that the Disney rule makers would change how tall Cinderella needs to be to 6 feet and they would hire me. Yeah, I’m pretty confident.

Anyway, I made this in prezi which is a really cool tool to use. It is very easy to import videos and “background music” which was how I got the music in the background! I hope you enjoy!

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Princess Karissa

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