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Remix Your Vacation

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For the remix your vacation with the Popcorn maker first let me tell you that the Popcorn maker was being very difficult with me and my computer because every time I would try to rewind and replay a part it will still go from where it was. I think it was just my computer though. For this I wanted the professor to go to a zoo because I just came from one myself and loved it and found it very relaxing. I went to YouTube to find an unusual thing and I thought about feeding animals because I know my mom always thinks I am crazy when I want to do that. Next I went to sound cloud to find some music to theme with what I am talking about. I went to my professors page since he is playing his own music and picked one that was calming but animalistic to me. Next I went to Google map and found it and took a screenshot. I also screenshot a picture of the wiki page, I did not know until after that I had the option to just put it in there. I went to Twitter to search AnimalKingdom and screenshot that as well. I was thinking since there are animal stamps and they are more valuable than people think I put some of those there as well. I put a picture of bug spray because I thought that is necessary for when anyone goes to the zoo because of all the files that are around at the time. And here is what I got:


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