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So this weeks tasks are remixing.  But what exactly is a remix?

In short form, a remix can be anything and everything.  According to Remix Manifesto and Everything is a Remix, literally everything invented in a Modern Era has been recreated from old other things.  One of the big examples from the remix manifesto was Walt Disney, who commonly took old stories, movies, films, and modernized them, creating what he called new stories.  Cinderella, Snow White, and Alice in Wonderland were all adaptions of old stories that Disney put into cartoon and film.

While I was watching one of the Everything is a Remix series, a flash of Beatrix Kiddo, played by Uma Thurman, came across the screen.  The shot was comparing her yellow costume to another foreign film where a guy wore the same costume.  Tarantino, the director, is known and acknowledges his inspiration to other films and constantly references other films as tribute.  D’Jango Unchained is another film that he drew from a movie called D’Jango, also a spaghetti western, and uses same style of opening credits from the original.  The same actor who played the original D’Jango appears as a cameo in D’Jango Unchained, asking how he spells his name.  Tarantino also references other movies like The Departed when Christoph Waltz tells Leonardo DiCaprio “you can’t imagine how hard it is not to speak your own language for two years” and DiCaprio responds, “Well I can’t imagine being in Boston for two weeks.”

As for the assignments I reviewed, there was the remix of Call Me Maybe by Barack Obama and Star Wars Characters (my girlfriend also did one of those.  different song).  I also looked at Buffy vs Twilight and NFL Bad Lip Readings (not listed).

The Call Me Maybe videos were remixes because they were the same song to the same music, but had little cut up bits of other people that made the song, so a different person was singing.  The other song that my girlfriend did was different because they had them all dancing in the video and they jumped on the bandwagon to be all cool and stuff.  But they weren’t.

Buffy vs Twilight was a remix because they had two similar films that made a story, but it was different.

NFL Bad Lip Readings is a remix of NFL recordings and then they imagine everything the players are saying.

Basically the principal of remix is taking something imagined and reimagining it for yourself in some way.  Whether it is changing the words, changing the background noise, or even just changing the color scheme of something, remixing is a change to modernize something.  Here’s me explaining it to someone else.


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