Second Edition (Remix)

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After going to the Remix Generator and refreshing a few times I settled on a project.  The original project The Freudian Alphabet.  The Remix was to add in Waldo!

I chose a letter that was not part of my name and was not overly or underly used…  If that makes sense.  I went with the letter “F”







The list goes on and on.  Once I had enough images I thew waldo in.  I wish I was able to hide him better.  I took this assignment straight forward and to the point.  I included images of things I actually do like as well as some that I do not.  I like this remix because not only was it fun to make, but it took me back to the days when my sister and I would make collages for one another.  I looked at what others have done and use some of their ideas and media to create mine.  I enjoyed this and look forward to seeing what other people have created.



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