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While Mozilla Popcorn wins the prize for worst/hardest assignment ever in DS106 history, this project ranks pretty high on the challenging list of assignments.

We had to remix a picture (or remix someone else’s remix) of Cory Doctorow. He is a british science fiction author who works under with Creative Common License. Johnathan Worth took pictures of Mr. Doctorow and then asked DS106 students to remix them.

Honestly it took me forever to decide what to do. I looked at a lot of examples of other people’s work and was very impressed. Two of my favorites are Amber (seriously, so amazing!) and Kelsie (so creative!) remixes. Remix has honestly been one of my tougher weeks and I just mulled and mulled over  what to do for days.

Finally I just decided that I was going to be more literal in my work. I loved Kelsie’s remix so much that I decided to use her picture, after all we could remix someone else’s remix. Here is her original picture.

Locked Up!

Here is her inspiration behind her remix:

“I looked on Cory’s website at some of his books and thought that Pirate Cinema seemed really interesting. We are running into copyright and download errors so I thought it would be interesting if I used the theme of this book in my remixed picture of Cory. In this book, the main character gets banned from the internet for a whole year! I can’t imagine not having the internet for a year. I mean not only would I not have homework {which I could get used to} but I wouldn’t be able to go on social media sites, check email, watch videos, or Netflix! Oh man…it would be like being in prison. And that’swhere my inspiration came from.”

Seriously, she made such a good connection!

Anway, for my remix of Kelsie’s remix, I decided I was just going to get a picture of a cinema frame/clip and put Kelsie’s picture into it. I decided upon this because Pirate Cinema is about downloading movies off the internet, and like Kelsie said, you are banned from the internet because it’s illegal. So I thought I’d tie in the more literal side of the book in with Kelsie’s more abstract work. You put those two things together and what do you get?

Cory Doctorow Picture Remix

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

I used GIMP to make this. I opened the picture and cinema frame as layers and then resized the picture to fix the frame. I thought the distressed cinema frame gave the picture more character.

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