The Baby’s Revenge

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A woman walks down aisle seven in the grocery store.  She scans the items on the shelves, looking for a bottle of Gerber peas for her new baby boy.  She finds them, goes home, and prepares them for little Joey that night.  But Joey didn’t like those peas…  The rest of the story ensues.

The story is that of little Joey, who wanted revenge for those damn peas.  He hired his little friend Cindy, who waited for Joey’s mom to walk back from the grocery store.  As Joey’s mom came by the end of the overpass, Cindy threw a lizard at her face.  And that was Joey’s Revenge.

Unfortunately I had to explain this story for anything to make sense.  It was really hard to do this assignment when nothing really related, but I did the best I could.  Took a lot of thinking and planning to do this.  Originally I was going to do a love story between two babies but then I saw the lizard a day or two after I made the plans, and this idea came to mind (I also had the penguin in the grocery store saved).

I made the whole thing in iMovie again.  After downloading everything from the sources site, I loaded the pictures into iMovie all at once.  Then I took the audio files and loaded them into Audacity.  I edited 3 different clips and then exported them into mp3 form.  Then I loaded those into iMovie, and slid them into the proper place.

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